Sweet 16 | Murrieta, CA

Rebekah is 16!  I remember doing her session when she turned 13.  I cannot believe 3 years have passed.  She was on the swings at a park in Victorville.  She was so cute.  This time, we went to a field I found in Murrieta.  The tree is so colorful and makes the perfect backdrop as do the wildflowers.  My ideas didn’t quite work out for her session though.  I had balloons and a tassel garland.  The tassel garland weighed the balloons down and it was so windy! Then when I was shooting her in the flowers, I knelt into a sticker bush and she had to pull the stickers out of the back of my pants!  The session was a comedy of errors, but we laughed and had so much fun!

Bekah is growing into such an amazing young woman.  She letters in volleyball and is very active in her high school.  She just got her driver’s license too!  Such an exciting year for her.  Her mama is doing a great job raising her! I’m excited to see who she grows up to be. xoxo

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