Taylor | Class of 2016

Taylor is graduating from a performing arts high school this year.  She’s part of the circus program.  That has to be so much fun!  Can you imagine a high school like that?  Her personality fits it perfectly.  She was so bubbly during our session.  When she let out that beautiful smile of hers, I’d run to her and her mom to show them the image I had just captured.  She’s such a classic beauty!

I had worked with Roxie for years, but I had never met her daughter.  Roxie was planning a getaway weekend for herself and Taylor.  She said she was trying to soak up as much one on one time with Taylor before she goes away for college.  This session was part of that weekend. She gave me a tip that I’ve heard so many times from other mother’s…don’t rush time.  Let them be young as long as you can.  They grow up and become beautiful young woman before you know it!  Congrats on your graduation Taylor!  Roxie…You’ve done a great job with her.  She’s beautiful inside and out.  xoxo

This smile!

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